what to expect from hypnosis sessions

What to Expect From Hypnosis Sessions

If you schedule sessions, you know I’m going to hypnotize you. But what are the sessions like, and what should you do to prepare for them?

Before the Session

Once we’ve scheduled, please sign up for my newsletter on the front page to download the relaxation track that comes with it. Listen to it the whole way through at least once.

There will also be some forms for you to fill and get back to me.

Sessions are in person, and I currently make house calls. Please have a quiet space prepared for our session.

During the Session

Sessions are tailored to what you want to achieve. After we finish the client intake process, I hypnotize you (if you’re wondering what it feels like, click here).

While you’re in hypnosis I give you suggestions and have you go through different processes to help you with what you’ve come in for.

If there are specific suggestions you want me to give you during the session, you can let me know before we start (like if you want a certain food you can’t resist to start tasting like toxic sludge).

Please prepare for sessions to be as long as 90 minutes. We might not need the whole time, but it’s good to have just in case.

All sessions are confidential.

After the Session

It depends on what your goals are. Sometimes all you need to do is notice the changes that are taking place in your life. Other times you might decide on actions you’d like to take.

Depending on what you’re dealing with, we might schedule multiple sessions in the same week. One of the amazing things about hypnosis is that each session can be even more powerful than the last one.

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

It depends on what we’re working toward. For something like smoking or a fear of flying, we might only need three sessions. For something that’s more involved it might take longer.

With hypnosis for sports and performance, we might decide to work together on an ongoing basis. 

I’m dedicated to helping you with whatever your challenge is. Because of that, if you’re working on a single challenge, you’ll only pay one price. That way if it takes a couple more sessions than we expected at first, you’ll be covered. (Note: This does not apply to working together on an ongoing basis for sports hypnosis).

If you have any other questions, see if they’re answered in the FAQ, and if not feel free to contact me.

My Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident I can help you with hypnosis. If we work together for an issue that only requires a few sessions and you’re not happy with your progress we’ve achieved, I offer a half-back guarantee and will refund half your investment.

If you have any questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions, please email me through my contact page. Feel free to give me a call as well. 

Ready to book? Call me at 720-382-0223