Hypnotist Mark Reagan brings intimate, mind-bending entertainment your party guests will never forget…

If you’re having an event with 50+ people, having a stage with a live hypnosis show can be a fantastic experience.

But what if you’re having an intimate party and want entertainment to match?

Now you can with the hypnotic experience designed specifically for house parties and small gatherings.

The Trance Majestic

An Evening of Hypnosis and Altered States of Consciousness

In “The Trance Majestic,” Hypnotist Mark Reagan will lead each of your guests on a personalized hypnotic journey of their own choosing.

How deep into hypnotic trance will your guests go? 

What altered states of consciousness will they decide to experience?

Will they experience uncontrollable laughter? Hear sound through their skin?

Or perhaps they’ll choose to hallucinate walking through a garden of unimaginable beauty… or for your guests who wish to indulge their darker side, maybe it will be one of incredible horror.

And for those guests who want to go back to the times of the Victorian seance, perhaps they’ll feel a presence from beyond the veil…

In the realm of your mind anything is possible.

Let Mark Reagan bring you and your party guests on an incredible journey unlike anything you’ve experienced. Here are what other party guests have to say…

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Hypnosis House Party Details

After you’ve booked a hypnosis party, as the host you will receive 1) a checklist to help prepare for the party. 2) An audio recording to send to each of your guests to help set the stage for the party.

The party itself is divided into three portions:

Part 1: The party begins with all of your guests together. Mark will introduce the evening’s event and the guests will be given programs to plan the hypnotic journey they wish to experience that evening. Then Mark will lead the guests through several short hypnotic mind games. The person who does best will get to go on their journey first, and the rest will sign up for order. 

Part 2: Mark will work with each guest individually in a separate area. Each guest’s hypnotic journey will last approximately 15-20 minutes. Each guest may decide if they would like their session to be private or have several observers. 

Part 3: At the conclusion of the evening, the guests will reconvene. Mark will bring up the guests who did best (if they agree to volunteer) for a group demonstration to finish out the night.

Party length starts at 2 hours + 30 minutes of set up time, and will accommodate 6 guests who wish to participate (If there are guests who do not wish to participate, other guests may choose to go again if there is time). 

If you have up to 10 participating guests, a 3 hour party is recommended. 

The maximum party length is 4 hours + set up time and will accommodate approximatley 15 participating guests. 

If you’re having a larger event (like an office party) and expect 50+ guests, a hypnosis show is recommended instead.

Space and equipment requirements are minimal. You will need:

A private space or room completely separate from the other guests that Mark can set up as a “parlor” area before the party begins. This could be the basement, office, or curtained off area if that’s what’s available.

In the parlor area, you will need a minimum of 2 chairs next to a table or similar surface for Mark to set up.  Additional chairs or seating for observers are recommended. Candles and props will be used to create an appropriate atmosphere.

Chairs should be sturdy, be able to hold everyone’s weight, and for Mark and the hypnotee must have a back and must not be elevated (like a bar stool) – some people become completely limp and loose in hypnosis and could fall off.

As the host you’ll receive a guide in advance to help you prepare for your party and understand the format.

Due to the mature themes of the hypnotic experiences available to choose, all participants must be 18+ years of age.

All guests should be open to new experiences and willing to try hypnosis. They should also be in good health.

A drink or two won’t interfere with hypnosis, and may help calm down a nervous guest before doing it. If someone’s had too much though, it can become extremely difficult to hypnotize them and they may not be allowed to participate. Save any heavier drinking until after you’ve had your hypnotic experience.

Marijuana usually won’t interfere with hypnosis – Mark requests that no one smokes in the parlor area.

It depends on the length of the party you’re interested in as well as the distance Mark has to travel to reach you. Mark is based in the Denver-Metro area.

If you’re interested in a party, please contact Mark about cost.

Interested in booking Mark for your party or have questions?

Email [email protected] or call 720-382-0223