Hi, I’m Mark Reagan, and I’m a hypnotist.

Everyone has a different idea of what a hypnotist does.

Am I just doing tricks or illusions like a magician? Do I have “plants” that are faking it? Or do I actually have powers over people to make them do my bidding like some fantasy wizard?

Not at all.

Hypnosis is all about you.

Your mind is super powerful.

You are capable of incredible things… but sometimes our conscious mind gets in the way. With hypnosis, I bring you into a trance where we can bypass the conscious and go right to the deep, unconscious part of you.

I’m not a wizard. I’m a guide taking you to a new destination.

Maybe that destination is giving up smoking. Losing weight. Relieving stress. Or putting that fear of flying behind you.

Or maybe that destination is entertainment. I started out by hypnotizing some of the toughest subjects around: random strangers on the street.

I love putting on impromptu shows at the First Friday Santa Fe Art Walk here in Denver and other events. It’s incredible hypnotizing people I’ve never met. I can bring that person to a place where they feel fantastic, are laughing uncontrollably, or are even thinking they’re a billionaire and they’re having a great time handing out money to strangers.

Helping and entertaining people with hypnosis is what I’m all about. And I know I can help (or entertain) you, too. If you want to see more hypnosis in action, check out my Youtube channel. And if you want to learn more about hypnosis sessions with me, click the link below.

Mark Reagan is a hypnotist in Denver, and is a registered psychotherapist through the State of Colorado. In addition to hypnotizing volunteers everywhere he can and helping his clients, he helps people become better public speakers through Toastmasters. He also likes to give back to the community and volunteers with Spellbinders to tell myths, legends, and folk tales to elementary students. 

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